When you arrive to your destination you release the strap and the helmet folds back to a flat format the size of a book. You fold the helmet with integrated light and head phones and put in into your handbag and do not have to worry about where to put or forget it.




The 3D printed shape is carefully designed to absorb the forces from collisions and impact en full compliance with safety standards.


It is also designed to be fully foldable. The geometry is optimized in computer simulation to be strong and soft in a way that you will appriciate every day you use it. No more inserts and bearings ruin your hairdressing



Your 3D printed bicycle helmet is customized with shape, style, colour, pattern and texture matching your head and your wildest imagination.


You choose your favorite design and upload two selfies with a front and side view. You can upload photos of anything surface your want integrated in the 3D print, add logos, your name or choose any colour as easy as making a power point.


Our webpage return a photo of you with your new helmet.



Maybe you are gifted with an art talent, painting, sculpturing, decorating your home or designer by profession. Why not trying to design your own helmet.


You upload two selfies with a front and side view and front and side view of the helmet shape you have made from wire, paper, clay or whtever you prefer. Even better you upload a CAD STL file. Our webpage return a photo of you with your new helmet where everything it smothened and fitting you perfectly

Integrated LED light


Fittings for the focused LED light can be3D printed in a angle fitting with your favorite position when biking. Just upload a photo of you on your bike. The front light is white and the rear light is red and with the elevted position it is very visible and protected from dirt from the road. When you turn your head the light will turn too, so the field of vision is flooded in light.

Intelligent safety


Camera, sound from integrated headset and navigation aid from integrated right, left, straigh forward arrows in different colours conncets by blootooth to your smartphone. The cameras will be processed by the smartphone and warn you through the headset loud speakers of traffic before turns. The arrow lights will warn ambient traffic about your turns. Camera output can be stramed like in go pro and you can of course listen to music in your integrted headset.

4D automatic strap


4D print can fold and conncet. The straps on bicycle helmets are really annoying. Imagine you just put the helmed on you head and the straps slowly folds around your chin and lock gently.


4D print could also fold the entire helmetto book size

Delevired within hours


The 3D printed helmet can be made while you are waiting in one single process including hinges, colours, patterns, texture, holes, cavities and even photo motives, logos and QR code.




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