Digital community

Digital community


Based on PhD study this app was made for establishing a tool for communication and knowlegde sharing for parents to newborn babies, healthy or with severe life-threatening conditions.




Based on the research results customization activities were conducted during 2 years, testing every feature in the app.


The chosen technologies made is possible to translate from ex. Danish to Arabic and letting the langueage of the phones setting decide the app's content and letting informations regarding the individual child decide the amount and art of knowlegde



The app was made through a service design proces with focus on the user journey and in close collaboration with:

Parents & grandparents, hospitals, patient association, media company and students studying Multimedia design and branding

The app served as test for a new cloudbased printing platform and allows the digital files to be printet and sent to parents all over the world.

Branding and SO-ME


Facebook pages i 3 different languages and videos targeting the different audiances were made


Arabic project and translation


The fourth language the app has been translated into in 2017 is arabic.

In order for the minority group of arabic speaking women in Denmark to know about the app and the essential knowlegde regarding prematurity, this video was made:


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